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If your UPVC door locks or those on your windows are refusing to lock and function, they almost certainly can be repaired or replaced. Here we go over a few of the most common issues that broken UPVC doors can have. 

Strikes Out Of Position

UPVC Door LocksThe strikes fitted to your UPVC windows and doors help guide the latches into the right place. If these strikes are out of position, your UPVC door lock will not be able to reach its full interlocking state and will fail to lock entirely. Another common failure that can be developed if this is not corrected is the rubber surrounding the door being consequently deformed. This will be another problem that can impede the door's motion and prevent it from fully closing. 

Hinges Need Adjusting

This is one of the most common types of UPVC door and window lock repair that we perform. Over time the hinges on your door or window become weakened and loosened by the forces applied to it with every use. They may not need to be fully replaced, if they can be adequately reconfigured. 

Lock Barrel Failure 

If your UPVC door lock is built into the handle and only seems to lock from one side, you could have an issue with the barrel inside the lock. This is common mechanical malfunction that simply needs a barrel or entire lock replacement. This type of lock change is not time consuming or particularly problematic for our well trained locksmiths. It can be caused by long term degradation or improper fitting of inferior quality parts. The more robust the components within your lock are, the heavier duty usage they can bare for longer amounts of time.   

UPVC Door Lock Services 

Get in touch with us today for expert advice and repair services. Locksmith Colindale offers professional UPVC door lock repair and expert door adjustment. We can ensure your UPVC door lock installations are fitted perfectly, with proper alignment, smooth working handles, strong quality locks and pristine components. Our locksmiths are professional and well equipped to replace and fix almost any design of UPVC window or door. Call us today to arrange a visit. We can assess the condition of your doors and locks to provide an accurate quote for our work along with advice on the most important improvements that should be made. 

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